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We provide professional painting services, general contracting, water and fire damage repair, and everything in between for Battleground and Long Beach WA, Astoria and Warrenton Seaside OR, and the surrounding area.

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Residential Painting

We handle interior and exterior residential painting as our specialty. We even do lead based repaints in case your old paint contains lead that needs to be removed or safely covered up.

Commercial Painting

We paint for businesses too! We can take care of any size commercial painting project. Whether it's a couple exterior walls or a three story paint job - we have the right tool and right guys for the job.

General Contracting

Maybe you have to do more than just painting a room or building. We can do that too! Small remodels, wall repairs, flooring, kitchen and bathroom installations, and everything in between.

Fences And Decks

We do fencing and deck installations, staining, repairs, and renovations. We can build all of it from the ground up if needed to give you something unique and lasting.

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4C Painting prides itself on having the best customer experience.

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Being open for business painting and general contracting.

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Hardwood and Tile

Pressure Washing

Driveways, houses, roofs


Kitchen, bath, living room, etc.

Customer serivce is our #1 priority

We don't complete a job until you are absolutely satisfied with the results. Other's may leave you high and dry, but 4C Painting has you, and your walls, covered!

Returns Every Call

Sometimes we're on a ladder and can't pick up. But when we can, leave a message and we'll call back within 24 hours.

Great Communication

We are happy to answer all of your questions and help you make the best decisions for your project.

High Quality Products

We make sure to use only the best products for your home or business, no cutting corners.

Affordable Prices

Our estimates are always priced to be fair and we will try to beat any estimate!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between semi-transparent and solid color stain?

The main difference is semi-transparent stain is used when you want to show the wood grain while using a solid color stain will cover the grain but still have to wood texture underneath. However, if your wood has a lot of imperfections or color variations then it would probably be better to use a solid color stain to hide those imperfections while still having the wood texture. It all depends on the look you're going fro and the quality of the wood.

How do I maintain my wood fixtures?

In almost all cases, stained wood surfaces are covered ina thin layer of polyurethane which dries into a hard outter layer. Most of what is needed to be done is just the normal dusting and wiping of the surface. Sometimes you may need to use soapy water to remove any airborne contaminants that settle on the surface. When you do this you should also wipe it with water when your done and dry it. This should not be done regularly - only on rare occasions.

How should I chose which colors to go together?

A good quick tip that usually has great results is if you have multiple rooms in close vacinity of each other, pick a color for one room, then choose the second room color by going two shades darker or lighter. This can create a nice and smooth transition between the two rooms while creating some sense of depth.

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